Resort SS23

Travel is movement in space and time, it is a story about moods, curiosity and research, moments that become memories to make way for other sensations and other future memories. The dynamism of the journey is attractive, when the habit is interrupted by the desire for knowledge. Destinations change, each stage becomes a starting point. As Nicolas Bouvier writes: “The best thing about travelling is to get lost. When you get lost, plans give way to surprises, and it is then, but only then, that the journey begins".
  • Ermanno Scervino loves research and experimentation. Each collection is a journey, a path that begins in the tailor's workshop, with the richness of ancient workmanship and thanks to the desire to discover new languages. it develops unpredictably until it reaches a destination that is always contemporary and, therefore in the making. Travel is also the inspiration for this 2022 Resort: an exploration of colours, surfaces, shapes, the contrast between different cultures, legends, customs and habits. A journey between the primitive and the sophisticated, heavy and light, full and empty, historical and futuristic. In the collection there is double-layered ecological leather as soft as a glove, suede coupled with technical jersey for unlined garments, the ultra-thin jacquard knit, the jacket in a fine shearling and worked in such a way as to be as light as a cashmere jumper, the down jacket is made using an innovative technique, known as impregnation, which makes it impalpable.

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  • But there are also hand-woven wicker bags, the embroidery and threading always hand created with knitting yarn, the straw cloche caps, irregular turquoises like stitched stones over felt hats and sandals, miniskirts made of large fringes in raw cotton, cardigans that look like they're made of rope. Coloured macramé or folk-embroidered dresses are reminiscent of the ceramics, carpets and handicrafts of Mediterranean islands, while tailored denim jackets look aged by the sea water. In this Resort, white enhances the variety of surfaces with embroidered or carved dresses, poplin and muslin shirts, lace and sangallo, bull denim and double-layered cashmere cloth. Historically, those who were part of the French Bohemians were called Bohemians. a world populated by young artists , waiting for fame, who led a disorderly but free and non-conformist life. The original Bohemians were travellers from Central Europe, and in French the world bohemian can be translated as gypsy. With this Resort 2022, Ermanno Scervino tells the story of a woman, as a young bohemian, loves discovery and travel with no destination and far from conditioning but driven by a desire, the search for beauty and her own femininity.

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